Thursday, 12 July 2012

Peanut Butter Cookies p180

For today's challenge I made Peanut butter cookies from p180 in Jo's book. 

This was something that appealed to me when I picked it out the hat. I was interested to see how they would turn out as they looked very easy and we actually had most of the ingredients. 

The recipe was really easy to make, mix together butter, sugar and peanut butter. Add in egg and then flour and raising agents. It produced quite a moist mixture which I thought was quite unusual for a cookie mixture. I then stirred in some chocolate chips. 
The mixture ready for the chocolate chips

You then place spoonfuls of this on a baking sheet and place it in the oven. It is so quick, only took 10minutes total in the oven and out they came looking much larger and slightly browned. The fun part of cooking was after 5 minutes you hit the tray again a hard surface and they all deflate. Never done that before and worked well.

The first batch came out slightly brown but I don't think they were cooked enough.. also slightly large.

As the first batch enlarged so much, I made the second batch with slightly smaller spoonfuls and ended up making more than the 10 that the recipe states. That good, more food is always better!

So the verdict.. firstly something about the description. The book states its "A massive favourite in my house...a lovely crumbly cookie". 
The completed selection.. the darker ones are the second batch, much nicer. 

The first batch were slightly too large and I prefer drier crunchier cookies. The second batch are much better as I left them to cook for longer. The taste is nice, you can definitely taste the peanut butter and the chocolate works fairly well, however, I think I'd use peanuts next time. I would also prefer them to be slightly sweeter. My husband says there wasn't enough flavour for him and they were too soft. So next time I'd cook them for longer and make smaller cookies. Perhaps chocolate and peanuts next time? 

My score for them is 8/10 and my husbands 5/10 (my husband is harsh, he states that he's made other cookies that are substantially better than that!!) so that's a total of 13/20.