Friday, 30 November 2012

Afternoon Tea at Woolley Grange

 Since I haven't been able to do much baking recently I've decided to branch out a little on here and include some other items. The first is a review of a recent trip to Woolley Grange. Thanks to Tesco Clubcard we were able to treat ourselves to a special afternoon tea whilst on our recent holiday to the surrounding area. This lovely hotel is located close to Bradford-Upon-Avon and Bath. It is a beautiful hotel with lovely grounds and somewhere I'd like to visit again on a warmer sunnier day! 
Picture courtesy of their own website. 
We went straight inside and were quite promptly told to take a seat in the lounge, we chose seat next to a warm log fire and settle into the sofas. Very quickly we were brought a pot of tea, closely followed by our food. Unfortunately, they didn't offer my poor husband an alternative to tea assuming that we both drank it so I just drank it all!! 

The food consisted of 3 plates, at the bottom there were little finger sandwiches. Salmon, cucumber, egg and cheese, we were provided with 2 of each so we were both able to try them all. These were surprisingly good considering I don't really like salmon and I enjoyed them. For my husband he would have preferred larger portions but he isn't really a dainty afternoon tea person!!
The plates of food with all my tea!!

The next plate was the small cakes plate, again 2 of each kind, we had a profiterole  little victoria sandwich, a coffee slice and a little tartlet with fresh fruit on top. I'm not a huge fan of pastry and cream so my husband had the joy of having 2 profiteroles, he tells me they were very tasty. The little victoria sandwich was a lovely idea, however, I found mine to be quite dry and tasteless. The coffee slice was layered with chocolate, sponge and coffee layers. Neither me or my husband like coffee so this wasn't a particular favourite, however, I thought that the flavours balanced nicely and the coffee wasn't too overwhelming. It was lovely and moist. I enjoyed the one I had but wouldn't want any more. Finally, and my personal favourite, we had the little tartlet filled with creme patisserie and topped with fresh fruit. That was delicious, I just wanted more!! The fresh fruit perfectly balanced the creme patisserie which had a lovely background vanilla flavour. Really good. 
The little cakes plate

The final plate had 2 scones, 1 fruit and 1 plain. I opted for the fruit scone. It was accompanied with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I found my scone was a little over cooked therefore resulting in a crispy exterior but dry interior. My husband informs me that his was just right. The whole combined mix, with plenty of clotted cream and jam, was lovely. It's been a while since I had proper clotted cream on a scone and I really enjoyed it. 

Overall we had a lovely relaxed afternoon by the fire. We got given nice food and of course I had great company!! For the price, I'm glad we did it through tesco rather than paid outright because it did seem a little expensive but would I do it again? oh yes, definitely. Really lovely way to spend the afternoon. Now I need to convince my husband to visit some of the more local tea rooms for a similar experience!! :D