Monday, 1 April 2013

Double Chocolate Loaf Cake

One of the recipes I decided on for my afternoon tea party was a Double Chocolate Loaf Cake which I found on the BBC Good Food Website. I liked the look of this as it looks lovely and rich but would be sliced up to form easy pieces and smart pieces for our party.

Using my new mixer this recipe was a piece of cake, haha, sorry.. it was very easy. The first step is cream together the butter (margarine) and the golden caster sugar. Using the flexi mixer this worked perfectly in the machine.
Creamed marg and sugar
Next step was to add the flour, cocoa, ground almonds, baking powder, eggs and milk. These were all mixed together until the mix was lovely and smooth with lots of air in it.
All the ingredients mixed in
Final step was to stir in the dark chocolate chips and place the mixture in the tin. My mum has loaf tin liners so instead of greasing the tin we used these instead, much easier to get out the tin later and create a lovely finish to the loaf. 
Ready to go in the oven
This was placed in the oven and baked. The recipe stated it should be baked for 45mins, however, it took well over an hour before the knife came out vaguely clean. 
Finally cooked and cooling
I left the cake to cool on a rack and then drizzled melted white chocolate over it.  
White chocolate drizzles
This was then sliced up and arranged in a spiral ready to be demolished.  
Sliced and ready to be eaten
Verdict: I gave this cake 6/10, it was a lovely rich chocolate flavour however I found the mixture to be too dense and heavy, I would have preferred a lighter loaf. Gary also gave the cake 6/10 saying that the taste was nice but he didn't like the texture which was too granular. So overall this cake got 12/20, not great but was ok.