Monday, 9 September 2013

Cake Giveaway!!

Looking at the stats for my blog this morning I've noticed that it's nearing the 10,000 page views mark. I can't believe I've had so many page views but I want to continue increasing this number. Gary, my expert husband, has told me there are ways that I can keep you all interested and keep building up the audience. One is to continue posting, how could I stop when I have so many plans of items to make and orders to do?! 

Two is to run giveaway incentives:

Currently I'd really like to increase my facebook presence so this giveaway is for all the likers on facebook. When the blog reaches the 10,000 page views mark I will pick a random liker, from my facebook page, to give away some baked goodies too. It depends on what that person wants but this will either be in the form of baked goodies or a celebration cake worth £10. (Even if you live elsewhere in the country we can still sort something out, well wrapped courier service!!). 

So get liking and get viewing.. spread the word, the faster we reach the landmarks the more giveaways they'll be!! I should add that, due to practical reasons and cost reasons, this is limited to the UK only. 

Facebook page can be found here:

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