Monday, 14 October 2013

Camera Cake

I was asked to make a camera cake for a birthday this week. I wanted to make a 3D cake in the style of the birthday boy's camera, so I found out the model number and copied this from pictures. I was asked to make it out of carrot cake so eventually decided on this recipe. I made double the recipe and poured this into 2 rectangular and baked it until the skewer came out clean. 

One of the rectangles formed the base of the camera. Using the other I cut out 2 circles, these were the lense and a smaller rectangle for the front side. Finally I cut out small squares as the flash. 

Shaped cake
I then covered the cake in butter icing. This was more challenging that I thought as the carrot cake is very crumbly. I had to spread it really carefully and make sure the cake structure held together. 
Butter iced cake
I bought some icing for the cake, black, it's requires a lot of colouring to white to black so it was much easier to do this. I also wanted to know whether it was significantly different using quality icing rather than store own icing. I rolled it out and placed it on the cake, store own icing usually falls to pieces at this stage but this black icing held beautifully. My conclusion is that it's much better and I'll probably try and buy this icing in the future, Regalice. 
Black iced cake
I then used some red icing and white icing to define various sections. 

Finished cake, top view.

Finished cake, side view. 
I was pleased with the finished result and hopefully the birthday boy will be too. 

If you are interested in ordering a cake please get in touch, we can discuss shapes and flavours.