Thursday, 19 December 2013

Macmillan Cake Sale Cake

Gary's work have an annual cake sale to raise money for their charity of the year. This year it is Macmillan so I decided to make a cake for them to sell at the sale. 

I made a rectangle cake, recipe found here, and cut the cake in half. I cut out a few squares from the bottom layer to create some legs and then placed the cakes on top of each other. I used chocolate butter icing to stick it together and cover the cake. The cake was then covered in white sugar paste. 

I wanted to create a table cloth so I made a thin square out of sugar paste and painted around the rim with gold paint. This was placed over the cake just sticking on the top and allowing the sides to hang down naturally. 
Table covered in a cloth
Using blue paste I cut out some circles for plates, to create the inner detailing I used a ball tool and flattened the centre. 
I then created various different cakes to go on the plates, starting with some chocolate brownies. 
Chocolate brownies
Followed by a selection of other goodies. 
Jam sandwiches and chocolate cake
Scones and mince pies
The whole selection of cakes
To finish off the cake I made a banner for the front with Macmillan on it. 
Finished cake
Finished cake
I was pleased with the effect of the cake and thought it looked good. People at Gary's work were impressed but they didn't want to cut into it because it looked too good, apparently, so I'm not sure how much money it actually raised. The cake did get eaten in the end so hopefully they enjoyed it. 

If you'd like a cake for any event please get in contact, I can make cakes to your budget and specifications.