Monday, 6 January 2014

Range Cooker

To start off the New Year I was asked to make a cake in the shape of my new range cooker. I haven't physically got it in the kitchen yet so this was done from photographs. 
I was asked to make a chocolate cake so I used my rich chocolate cake recipe and halved it. I made a square cake and then cut it in two and placed them on top of each other to make a rectangle. 
Two rectangles
I then covered this in orange butter icing and some navy blue sugar paste. I made the navy blue sugar paste by combining blue and black paste. Using a smoother I made sure the edges were sharp. 
Covered and ready for detailing. 
Then using sugar paste I cut out some rectangles for the front making the oven door detailing. I used black to create the glass front effect and silver to make the handles. These are just sausage shapes stuck on the front. 

I created a rim on the top of the cake with navy blue and then one down the centre of the cake. I also created a strip along the front which I put all the knobs on. I made these out of small balls which I then shaped with a knife to create little handles. 

Using black I create the timer screen and the gas hob centres. I also used a series of sausages to create the shaping on the top. 

Overall the result was better than I expected 1 day ago. I would have liked to create a much cleaner finish and also a taller cake so it is more in proportion. It's a bit short and fat. I'm very happy with the detailing on the top though. 

If I was to make this cake again I would do the oven doors differently so I got a cleaner finish, maybe make it as one piece so I could make it flat. 

If you are in need of a cake for any occasion please get in touch. I'm currently doing it for just the cost of ingredients (January 2014) while I build up my portfolio. We can discuss the design you'd like and work from that.