Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Moving at last!!

On Thursday we are finally moving to our house. After months of searching, houses falling through, sorting through paperwork and battling with environmental surveys we have finally exchanged contracts and confirmed moving for Thursday. 

There are so many reasons that I can't wait to move. I want Amelia to have more space and a garden. She will be able to run around outside and inside the house. I'll be able to contain her a little better and keep her safe, at the moment she thinks the knobs on the oven and buttons on the washing machine are fascinating. I'm so looking forward to having a garden so I can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. Also so I can get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Our cat Cali will be able to get outside and run around, which she is so desperate to do. We'll be able to park right outside the front door so no walking miles from the car in the evenings. But most of all I'm looking forward to the potential, what this house will bring us in the future. 
"Let me out!!"
At the moment the kitchen is a reasonable size, certainly not big enough by my standards but bigger than we currently have. In the future we are intending to do a lot of building work on the property, doubling the downstairs space. Large conservatory on the back and converting the garage on the front. What this means is I can move the location of the kitchen and have a large 6m x 4m kitchen. I will get my range and island. So much storage and so much space. I will also have a utility room and a storage room. 
Kitchen Plans
Now we just have to hope there are no more hiccups before we move and we'll be unpacking these boxes on Thursday evening. By Friday evening I hope we'll have more of an idea when we can do the work on the house and how much it'll all cost. 

So for the next week I'll be busy sorting out the house but I hope that my cake business will be up and running very soon.