Friday, 17 October 2014

W E Clark Jeweller's Display Cake

In order to advertise I decided to contact some local business and see whether they'd be willing to have a partnership. W E Clark Jeweller's in Lewes were kind enough to respond very quickly and agreed to have a display cake amongst their bridal jewellery in order to advertise for me. I wanted to create a 3 tiered cake that would show off my skills and looked impressive amongst their jewellery, so I decided to do a cascading cake with flower and butterflies. It eventually turned into a cake that matched the colour schemes that I had for my own wedding and I designed it along with my tastes, and my husbands. 

For the flowers I made some small liles, orchids and plenty of sweet peas. I did also make some roses but I decided not to use these on the cake as they didn't really fit in with the scheme. I also made some butterlies on wires and allowed these all to dry so they could be stuck on the cake. 
Flowers drying
I covered 3 tiers of dummies and a board, trimmed them with a plain white ribbon, I didn't want the cake to stand out at all as really it's just a back drop for the flowers in this case. I originally planned to pearl coat the cake but it kept raining (I spray the cake outside) and so I decided to just leave it plain in the end. 

I wired the flowers together using the lilies to make centre piece to start with. The sweet peas trimmed the edge of each cake and introduce the intense colours and finally the orchids fill in the gaps on the side of the cake. If I wanted to do this design on an actual cake I'd need to rethink the flowers a little as for this cake I just placed the wires straight into the cake. I obviously can't do this on the real cake. I also stuck some butterlies on the cake, down the side and amongst the flowers. 
Finished cake
Lilies on the top

Close up of Sweet peas and orchids
Once all the flowers were placed on the cake I allowed it to really dry and settle into place and then I dropped it off at the jewellers. I was really happy with where they said it was going to be placed and I look forward to seeing it in place soon. I hope that it'll look beautiful in their shop, it's certainly a lovely shop, I'd recommend a look. I'm very grateful to them for agreeing to display the cake and I hope that I'll get some interest from it. They certainly took enough business cards from me!!