Friday, 27 July 2012

500 Page Views!!

No cooking in this post but a quick post to celebrate that I've made 500 page views!! woo!!

Thank you everyone for showing in interest in the things I'm making. More posts will be added soon but work has been a little busier later so less time. As some inspiration I recently purchased these magazines to get some new ideas. I now have a growing Christmas list of items I'd like and I've signed up to an online baking course. It's a great idea, they post tutorials online for various items and you can view them as often as you like. You pay a subscription for a year and they promise to post at least 2 new tutorials a month. Looking forward to getting my sign in details so that I can see the tutorials in detail. 

Magazines purchased for inspiration
That's all for now, I'm currently baking so more items will be added soon. :-)