Thursday, 19 July 2012

Horse Birthday Cake

This week I made a horse birthday cake for one of my other "nieces" even though it was her birthday in January. I decided that everyone else was getting parties and cakes so I didn't want her to be left out. Salome likes horses so I decided to investigate whether I could make a horse cake and I found a link here.

For the horse I made 2 chocolate cakes, one round and one square and bake them in the oven. Once  cooled I needed to cut them into the required shapes. From the round cake you have to cut off one side around 1/4 into the cake, this will later form the ears. Trim the bottom to form a straight edge. From the square cake you are cutting a shape for the neck and for the nose. All the templates can be found here. 

Once I'd cut the cake and found a board big enough I was ready to decorate. 

Sponge cut into the correct sizes and pieces

For this I used chocolate frosting and just spread it over the top of the whole cake. I tried to shape it slightly around the bottom of the face to define the neck. 
Iced with chocolate frosting and ready to go

All of the added features were made with various sweets. Firstly the eye, this was an oreo cookie halved and placed on the horse with a minstrel in the middle stuck on with icing. The nostril is also a minstrel. 

The reins were made with rainbow tape, this was placed across the nose and over the face. 

Eye, nose and reins are added
The hair was the probably the hardest bit on here, I chopped up a twirl and broke this into pieces. I then tried to place the larger pieces throughout the shape it with little pieces scattered over to add emphasis. 

Finishing touches are the hair and the horse is complete
Once again I was very pleased with the finished product and found this one very simple for the look the final effect created. Looking forwards to showing this to Salome.