Saturday, 28 July 2012

On the Farm Cupcakes

Today I decided to attempt some decorating of cupcakes, I found this idea from a website that I've recently subscribed to "Mrs Bakers Cakes" which does online cookery courses and tutorials. Today I tried the on the farm tutorial which described how to make some animal cupcakes. 

Down on the farm.. with the sheep and cows
My husband made some cakes for me whilst I was out at work and allowed them to cool. I then made some butter icing (real butter) and spread that over the top. 

I then coloured some ready made icing in pink and rolled out the white. I cut a large circle out of the white and placed this over the cupcake, then I cut out the same size circle in the pink. Cut this using the same cutter about a third of the way through and this piece is placed on top. 

Using black icing I draw some eyes on the face and used a cocktail stick to make the shaping of the mouth. Using black icing I cut out small circles and made the ears for the cow and then white circles for the sheep. Stuck it all together. 

Zoomed in on the sheep

With the remaining butter icing I practiced my piping skills and piped onto the spare cupcakes. This is coloured slightly purple but I used a silver sparkle spray on top. I can't really see a difference though. 
Piped cakes

Piped cakes