Monday, 13 August 2012

Blueberry Muffin Loaf

My next Jo Wheatley creation was the Blueberry Muffin Loaf from page 50. I picked this out the hat but it seemed like quite a nice thing to be making. 

Again it was very simple to create, as all the recipes have been so far, and didn't take me too long, it total it took around 1hr30. 

To start you make a crumble topping for the top of the loaf, just flour, sugar and butter rubbed together. 

Then you make, what basically seems like, a normal sponge recipe and add in the blueberries. Place the crumble on top and bake the whole thing for 1 hour. 

For once this actually cooked in the time stated and came out very moist and had a lovely crunchy exterior. 

Cake just out of the oven
Jo states in her book "The idea of this fruity loaf to share at brunch is that it will retain its moisture; a whole loaf of loveliness, sweet plump blueberries, crispy crunchy topping and light airy sponge. It's not just a sensation but all different flavours and textures, a party on your tongue."

and then out of the tin.. looks lovely from this view

My verdict is that it was slightly disappointing, I have to agree that the crunch on the top was really nice and I enjoyed the texture contrast. The blueberries all sunk to the bottom so I found this a bit annoying and really for me there were too many. It was a moist cake and an airy sponge so I would agree with the description, however, I wouldn't say it was a party on my tongue. Overall I give the cake 7/10, it's good but not great.

My husband has gone away this week and whilst he tasted this I didn't get a chance to get a full verdict. He gave it 7/10 also but also said whilst it was nice, it wasn't amazing. 

Our slices, shows the blueberry base.  
The cake has now made the trip up to London to my willing family to test it. Let's see what they think of it.