Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rose Swirl Cupcakes

Today I decided to try out the rose swirl on the top of cupcakes. I made 2 flavours of cupcakes... Chocolate and a slightly spicy ginger one. (made that up!!) and then 2 colours of icing to top them.

Cupcakes are baked and ready for decorating
To make the icing I used real unsalted butter and beat it until soft then added icing sugar and beat and beat till the whole lot had softened up. I didn't add any milk to this as by the time I'd finished beating it seemed soft enough.

I split the mixture into 2 and coloured one half pink and the other ivory. The plan was to make the roses in the pink and try something else in the ivory, however, it didn't quite work like that. I followed a tutorial I have signed up for online and carefully copied what they did. Unfortunately, my guess at which nozzle to use turned out to be wrong and so the first batch were very tight and so didn't have the right effect. However, I think they still look pretty.

The pink batch with a tight nozzle

Still looking pretty but not the effect I was going for

After another look at the video, I realised that maybe I needed a larger nozzle so I found one that matched more closely. After a few attempts I think I sucessfully pulled this off and was really pleased with one in particular. I decided to try and colour the edges with pink to emphase the effect even more.

Ivory batch

With the star rose shape

 The star cupcake can be seen below from a few angles:

Trimmed with pink

Different view

Another view
Overall I'm really pleased with that cake but it's not great odds, 1 out of 24 cakes. I'm going to have to practice some more but at least I've learnt what I'm doing wrong. Whip the icing for much longer and use a larger nozzle!!