Friday, 7 September 2012

Peppa Pig Pink Cake!!

Today I thought I would try out a new idea and practice some animal making in case I need it in the future. I decided to trial a pink cake with raspberry buttercream and make a little Peppa Pig for the top. 

I made 1 batch of normal sponge mix and then divided it in two. One I left as it was, the other I coloured with a small amount of pink, enough to give it a pink hint but I didn't want a really dark colour. 

The cake batters are coloured and ready to go...

These were then placed in cake tins and baked until lovely and spongey...

Nicely cooked cakes out of the oven

Once out the oven the cake didn't look so pink but you could see the slight colour in it and I hoped that the inside would be stronger. 

I then made the buttercream, as I said I wanted raspberry so I made normal buttercream and then mashed up some raspberries. I originally wants a marble effect through rather than making it so pink but as you'll can see that didn't quite work out but I rather like the finished product. 

Peppa side view
Peppa front view

I then made a Peppa Pig, according to my pictures she has a pink head with a rather large snout and then a red triangle body. It took a while to convince my premade icing that it wanted to be red but in the end it came out a lovely strong colour and a nice contrast to the pink. I made a ball for the head and then shaped it to create the snout. The body I then also formed a ball and shaped this into a more triangle shape. 

I made arms and ears, the arms are attached by cocktail sticks to give them structure and the head is also held on by a stick. I painted on the eyes and marks using another cocktail stick so it's not great but it gives the effect it needs I think. 

Finally I put the cake together. I used the buttercream to sandwich it together and then placed this all over the cake. This won't be what I do when I make the next one but today was just about practice. I then placed Peppa in the middle and decorated the top with the remaining raspberries. 
Top View of the cake

Side view

Front View

I was quite pleased with the finished product but I wanted to check the colouring inside so I cut out a slice to check. I think the result is great, a lovely pink sponge inside and out. 

Colours shown on a slice
A view inside the cake

Overall I need to still work on making Peppa better, I'm not sure she's very recognisable yet and I want to make George and create a whole scene rather than just the characters. I'm pleased with the cake itself, I think the buttercream tastes great but I'm might still try and make a marble effect, it is also a little runny with the extra juice from the raspberries. Not really a worry if this is just for the inside though. I would also like to find some better fondant icing as this isn't perfect, it's a little soft. 

Let me know what you think, there is room for improvement and knowing nothing about Peppa, any comments about her would help.