Thursday, 24 January 2013

Iced Lime Traybake

I fancied doing some baking today, ichy fingers!! so with my mum's help we managed to shop for the ingredients and I mustered the energy to make these for dessert today. Several recipes in Mary Berry's book caught my eye but I fancied something lime so the Iced Lime Traybake, p 464, hit the spot. 

It is a very straightforward recipe, a basic sponge recipe flavoured with lime zest topped with a lime icing. For the sponge recipe I used marg instead of butter, cutting costs, but everything else was as stated in the book. It's an all in one recipe so this involves putting marg, sugar, flour, baking powder, 3 eggs, milk and some lime zest into a bowl then whisking it all together. 
Everything in the bowl ready to be whisked
Once it was all mixed together I placed it in a prepared tin and baked it in the oven. I just used baking paper to line the tin roughly so I was expecting the edges to not be very good. 
Ready to go in the oven
The cake took around 45 minutes to cook in the oven, fairly close to the time stated in the recipe. It came out looking golden brown and the inserted knife came out clean. 
Fresh out the oven
The cake was left to cool and then it was ready to ice. The icing was a simple mix of lime juice and icing sugar. However, I didn't have enough juice to make icing so I had to add a little water to moisten the icing up so that it was spreadable. The icing was then poured onto the cake and smoothed roughly, again I didn't take any great care with the appearance as it was just for us. As I didn't have any zest left to decorate the top I used some newly purchased sprinkles to decorate the top. 
Cake iced and decorated
The bake was then ready to be eaten, Gary cut the cake into squares and we dived into out squares. 
My slice of cake
The cake was a really lovely texture, it was light and fluffy, beautifully risen but unfortunately it didn't taste of lime. The same could be said for the icing, it just wasn't strong enough tasting. If I had wanted a plain sponge this would have been perfect, but I didn't. 

My mark out of 10 is only 6 as it didn't fill the lime requirement and for once Gary has given it a higher score of 7, so that's a total of 13. Both of us agree that the sponge is very nice but could do with a much strong lime flavour. 

This is something I'd like to make again but next time use more limes for flavour.