Friday, 1 February 2013

Mincemeat Buns Take 2

As promised I attempted the mincemeat buns again yesterday with the addition of extra fruit. 

Same as before this is taken from the Mary Berry book. In addition to the process I went through before this time I added in dried mixed fruit. 

Much more fruit in the mixture
The mixture looked much more fruity than previously and the extra fruit really padded it out. This mixture was divided up into cake tins and cooked. I left them in the oven slightly longer than I should have so they are slightly browner than I would like. However, they tasted so much nice. 

Previously I thought this was a great recipe and now it's even better, I would definitely encourage adding the dried fruit. My new mark is 9/10 with my husband also marking it a 9, I would have given a 10 if I'd just not left them in the oven so long. 

Enjoy this recipe it is definitely worth baking!!