Saturday, 6 April 2013


No afternoon tea would be complete without scones with jam and clotted cream. As I'd found so many good recipes on BBC I thought I'd look on there. Of course there was a basic recipe on there which is all I needed. This is the recipe for Classic Scones from the website.

The recipe was pretty basic and standard. I mixed together the margarine, flour, baking powder and salt until they were breadcrumbs. I then stirred in the sugar. Whilst I was doing this mum prepared the milk by heating it slightly and adding vanilla and lemon juice. I then poured the wet mixture into the dry and combined these fully.

Mum was then in charge of preparing the scones, she kneaded the dough for a few minutes and then rolled it out. The recipe stated that the mix it should be 4cm high, using a 4cm cutter, she then cut out the scones.

I brushed them with beaten egg and then we placed on the baking sheet where they were cooked for 20 minutes or so until they were golden brown.
Scones in the oven

Verdict: I had these scones with jam and clotted cream a few days after they were made, so not the freshest but OK. I would give them 5/10, as they are OK scones but nothing special or outstanding. The thing that made them tasty and me want more was the toppings!! Scones are pretty plain anyway so maybe these were just what a scone should be, a plain accompaniment to the yummy jam and clotted cream!