Friday, 5 April 2013

An update on us

To break up all of the baking posts a little I thought I'd write a quick update on me and how I've been coping.

I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and counting down the days until Mia is born. She is a fidgety rascal and likes to kick me around but it's comforting that she's moving lots and reminding me she's still there and OK. All her checks have been going without any problems, I'm measuring a little small but within normal range, and her heart beat is always lovely and strong. We have now got the last of her things ready and the nursery is raring to go. Cali (our cat) was discovered in the cot this morning and gave me a look thanking me for making the bed for her yesterday!!
Cali in the new made up cot
Fortunately I anticipated this move and put a blanket over the top so all her fur won't go on the baby blankets. She did exactly the same thing when we made up the moses basket. I think she is very grateful that we've made these comfy beds for her and "her" room is so nicely done now!! 

Some of our reusable nappies arrived last week so we've had a chance to show them off and have a play with them. I was also given a very useful storage basket for them on Saturday which fits perfectly on the shelf.
Nappies in the basket
So we're all set for Amelia's arrival and just waiting now. I don't want her to come just yet, it's a little early, and she's been told she has to wait for Nan and Grandad to come back from their holiday. So let's see if she's a good girl or not!!

So how am I? Well it seems that HG doesn't seem to want to let go its hold over me. For a few weeks in the middle I felt slightly better, I was able to do small things around the house and go out for short trips. However, that's all changed in the last few weeks. I've started feeling very nauseous again and off my food. I haven't, as yet, been sick but I feel so close most mornings that I'm sure it'll happen any day soon. I'm now back to spending my good days on the sofa and my bad days in bed just eating what I can, at the moment that's plenty but it is dropping day by day. I'm very fed up with being so flat bound and I really can't wait for Mia to make her arrival and the nightmare of HG to be over. Before I was pregnant people told me what a joy being pregnant was, well I can say it's been horrid. I've felt nauseous every day since Sept, not been able to work (and no that isn't fun when it's forced on you) and feeling awful all the time. To top it off little Mia has taken to kicking and pushing so for the last few days I've been really uncomfortable as well. 

33 week bump, she's growing!! 
I know that the weather has been awful and spring is yet to arrive but I for one am rather grateful. I feel much less sick when I'm cold and being hot just sets me off. I would rather it wasn't snowing (as it is now!!) but I'm also really glad it's not scorching like last year. Once Mia has arrived though, I'm looking forward to hot sunny days so we can get out and enjoy ourselves. Have picnic lunches with daddy in the park and introduce her to everyone. I feel like my life has been in standstill since November and I'm very much struggling to realise what time of year it is but I'm waiting for the play button to be pushed again. 

I hope you've been enjoying the small amount of baking I have managed to post about, be warned that I'm expecting there to be a flurry of activity and dishes to try out afterwards. I have a pile of magazines and recipes that are waiting to be tested and I'm very restless!! In the meantime enjoy the remainder of the baby shower posts and of course I'll keep you posted on Amelia's arrival. Only 6 weeks 3 days to go till we've reached due date!!