Thursday, 4 July 2013


Mum gave me a new book this week, Annie Bell's Baking Bible, and I've been fast running out of ideas to create. So I've decided that this is another book that I'm going to work my way through. In order to mix it up I'm going to make things from the different sections each week, preferably working down the lists unless there's something I really don't want to do or have done before. 

Chapter one in her book is Cookies and biscuits and the first recipe is Lunettes. Apparently these are a French tradition and are similar to jammie dodgers. 

These are so easy to make. The first step is to cream the butter (and I used real butter this time!!) and icing sugar. Add the egg yolk and finally the flour. This forms a dough which is then placed in the fridge overnight to chill. 
Dough wrapped in cling film and ready for the fridge

Next day the mixture is rolled out and cut using a fluted cutter, 8cm, and then a hole is cut in the middle, 2cm in half of the biscuits. These are placed on greaseproof paper and baked in the oven for 12 minutes. Until they're just beginning to colour. 

Biscuits cooking in the oven
These are then left to cool.
Cooling on the rack
When ready add some jam, spread it around on the biscuits without holes but not too close to the edges and place the holed side on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve. 

I'm currently doing a post baby diet in order to lose some weight. In order to motivate us I'm competing with my husband to see who can lose the most and if I win I get £5, hooray!! I intend on saving this and buying the numerous items I want for my baking and kitchen! So this means that I need to know how much of my recipes I should or shouldn't be eating. Today's biscuits are a staggering 258 calories per biscuit!! 

The verdict: These are melt in the mouth, just like shortbread. really tasty. The recipe was really easy to follow with plenty of detail and the end product is great. It's a shame they contain so many calories as I could easily eat them all. The jam is nice as it adds another dimension, I like shortbread anyway so the combination is great. Definitely worth a try. 

Next section in the book is traybakes and bars but I won't tell you what the first recipe is...