Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Galaxy Bar

I was asked to make a chocolate cake in the shape of a galaxy chocolate bar. I used my standard chocolate cake recipe:

325g Butter
325g Plain Chocolate
50ml Coffee
2tsp Vanilla Essence
325g Plain Flour
1tsp baking powder
1tsp bicarbonate
475g Light soft brown sugar
284ml Soured Cream

Melt the chocolate and butter together. Add this to the other ingredients and stir it all until the mixture is smooth and mixed together. Pour into a lined cake tin and cooked until the skewer comes out clean. Once the cake was cooled I covered it in chocolate butter icing and chilled in the fridge. 
Smooth butter icing
I had ordered some good quality icing for this cake but unfortunately it hadn't arrived so I had to use the cheaper stuff. I coloured it brown, using a lot of brown paste, and covered the cake in 1 layer. 
Covered cake
I coloured the brown slightly darker, placed a thin layer of white and then the darker brown on top. 
Ready for detailing
Using various shades of brown I cut out the shaping for the bar wrapping. I used the lettering from the wrapper to create the words and finally made a square of chocolate for the top. Using a knife I marked out a few squares of chocolate on the edge of the bar. 
Finished Galaxy Cake
I was pleased with the over all effect of the bar. It would have been better with stronger icing but it still came out very well. I hope the birthday girl liked it. 

If you have any need for a cake please get in touch, for a few more months I'll be making cakes for just the cost of the ingredients (November 2013).