Friday, 8 November 2013

Modelling Flowers

We learnt how to model flowers on our sugarcraft course. It's a simple process and requires just the most simple tools. Here's how we did it. 
Roll out some icing in whichever colour you want your flowers. 
Rolled icing
 Using a piping tube cut out 5 circles for each flower. 
5 circles and the ball tool. 
With a ball tool press around 2/3 of the edges thinning them out. 
Shaped petals

Take a small ball of yellow and add some edible glue to it to make it tacky. Pinch one of the circles on the thicker edge and stick this onto the ball. 

1 Petal Attached
 Repeat this with all 5 petals

Petals stuck to centre
Add another ball of yellow to the centre of the flower and prop up the petals with cling film. 

1 flower completed
 Do the same the second flower. 
Both flowers drying
 Remove the cling film and add some leaves to the bottom of the plaque. How to make the leaves can be found in the hedgehog tutorial here
Finished Flowers