Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sugar Flowers in a Vase

The first half of this half term on my sugar craft course we made a vase filled with sugar flowers. 
Flower Vase
The vase was made using petal paste, rolled and stuck together. It was then left to dry before using royal icing to pipe the pattern on to it. 

The flowers are very simple to make and are a variety of 5 and 6 petaled flowers. These are made without any cutters or tools. I'll try and post a tutorial on these later in the week. They are attached to wire, decorated with powder and then placed in the vase. 
Top view of flowers
The whole vase is very easy to make and only took a few hours to put together. It is very effective and looks good, however, I have no idea what I'd actually use this for!! Anyway I've learnt to make some flowers and my mum has a vase on her new window ledge for the cats to eat. (Our cat eat some of the flowers I made!!). Making these flowers has also made me look forwards to my sugar flower diploma with more excitement. I start this on 29th April and can't wait. I hope that I'll learn some really great skills. The plan is to complete this by July and then start the next diploma in September, final one in January to have obtained my masters by March next year. 

In other news, the location of my new cake business has changed. We are now looking at heading a little further east and will, hopefully, be based in Stone Cross. Hopefully we'll be moving in the coming months and I can finally register as a business and start making a profit. I've had a couple of orders in the past few weeks so hopefully my name is starting to spread. If you know of anyone that wants a cake, for any occasion, then please pass on my details.