Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bucky Ship

For my nephew's birthday cake I was asked to make Bucky from Jake and the Neverland. I had never heard of this ship but pictures were easily available from the internet so I copied the ship from these. 

Using my standard rich chocolate cake recipe I made 2 large rectangle cakes. With the first cake I cut out the shape of the ship. With the second I cut it into smaller sections, 2 were used to raise up the back of the ship and 1 for the shaping on the front of the cake. It was all stuck together with chocolate butter icing. 

The whole cake was covered in butter icing. I then covered the outside edge in darker brown sugar paste with the top covered in lighter brown icing. The cake was edged in yellow icing. I used smaller sausages to place rings around the whole of this yellow trim, they were placed at a carefully measured distances. 

To create the mast I covered a wooden skewer in brown icing and left to dry. I used spaghetti to support the across strips covered in icing. I tied these on with thread. I printed the blue and white strips on some paper and then stuck these onto the strips with tape. 

To create the slide I shaped some icing over a rolling pin, left it to harden and the stuck it on the cake. The railings were created by placing icing on cocktail sticks. I then stick a railing on top of these. The final details on the cake were created with sugar paste. 

To create the sea I coloured some butter icing with blue but didn't stir it in completely to create a slightly marbled effect. I then spread this over the board and shaped away from the cake to create the sense of waves. 

Finished cake

Side View
To complete the cake some character candles were added. 
Character candles

Pirate Candles
This cake was a real challenge to transport, if I was to make it again I wouldn't put the mast in until the cake was finished and would have finished off the bird's nest better. Overall I was quite pleased with how the cake turned out but as usual I think it could have been much better. I hope that the birthday boy, and his parents, liked the cake.