Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"Random Chocolate Cake"

I was asked to make a chocolate cake for a father and daughter birthday combination. After putting a few ideas forwards we decided to go for a random chocolate theme where the cake was decorated in various chocolate treats. 

I made my rich chocolate cake, 8inch, and covered it in chocolate butter icing. This was then edged in giant chocolate buttons. For the top of the cake I used Vice Versas around the rim of the cake. I then filled in, starting from the centre, in malteasers. Finally, using some more buttons, I added another dimension to the cake and placed these upright between the teasers. 
Top View
Full View
I was asked to place a message on the cake so I decided to do this on some chocolate. This was actually the most difficult part of the cake as the message was quite long and needed to be in a fairly small area. I decided to use white chocolate as the background and then pipe on the message using milk chocolate. I originally did this the other way around but found the white chocolate harder to pipe into lettering. I also tried to write using pen and paint but finally managed to get the message on using a squirt bottle. I was reasonably happy with the final product. The plaque on the top could either be on the top or rested on the side. 
Plaque on Top