Sunday, 17 August 2014

Beth's Cake

My little sister got married last week and she asked me to make a few cakes for them. The first one was for the getting ready lunch, all she said to me was that she wanted a chocolate fudge cake and I could practice whatever I wanted for it. So I found out what flowers she was having and decorated it to match, cream roses and blue hydrangeas. 
Hydrangeas and Rose
I made an 8" rich chocolate cake and filled it with chocolate ganache. I then covered the cake in white sugar paste, with 2 layers so I got a good finish on the cake. I made some cream roses for the top of the cake and over 100 hydrangeas. I had great trouble with these as the petals kept snapping off, I tried several methods and still wasn't overly pleased with the final bunch but it was the best I could do at that moment in time. 
Finished Cake
I trimmed the cake with a thick pale blue ribbon and then used a cream thinner ribbon to add another dimension. Finally I made a bow for the front of the cake. 
Ribbon Bow
Overall I was happy with the cake, the covering was good and I got a good overall finish. I would have liked the flowers to be more perfect and to have kept their petals but I'm glad that I didn't attempt it for a 3rd time. The cake tasted very nice and I got some nice compliments. Maybe some of those people could write reviews for my facebook page?