Saturday, 9 August 2014

Red Roses Cake

I was asked to make a vanilla sponge this week decorated in Roses, preferably with a red theme. So I decided to do just that.

I made a 10" Vanilla Madeira sponge and filled this with vanilla butter icing. I crumb coated the cake, covered it in a thin layer of icing to coat it, and then I covered the cake in white sugar paste. I wasn't happy with the way the cake was covered, this is primarily because I didn't cover the board first and tried to do it in one go. I ended up marking the board and making a bit of a mess of the cake but hopefully it wasn't too obvious by the time I'd finished. 

I made a selection of roses in dark red, lighter red and cream. I made 1 full blown rose with wired outer petals and the rest were then unwired petals but wired roses. I also made a selection of rose leaves. These were arranged in a posy design with the full blown in the centre, the others around it and then the leaves along the bottom. 
Rose Posy
To trim the edge of the cake I decided to follow on the theme and I made some more rose leaves, these were placed all the way around the cake and I made some Christmas Roses to stick on top and break this up slightly. 

The board was trimmed with red ribbon. Gary told me that the cake looked too plain so I decided to make some red petals to scatter over the cake and break up the white a little. 
Finished Cake
Finished Cake
Overall I was fairly happy with the cake. I still have a lot of practice to do on covering cakes but I was pleased with the decoration and was quite proud of the cake. I hope the birthday girl and her family enjoyed the cake and I look forward to make more.