Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bows and Swags

For my 3rd display cake I wanted to introduce some colour so I decided to go for a yellow/orange cake. I used 2 dummies, 8" and 10", and covered them in coloured sugar paste. 

To trim the cake I first decided to try with a shell pattern along the bottom of the cake, but I didn't like it so off that cake and I replaced with with some ribbon. I actually used 2 ribbons on this cake, a cream underneath and then a white ribbon on top. 

To decorate the cake I decided to make some swags out of modelling paste. I marked up the cake to ensure they would be even, marking the bottom with 8 swags and the top with just 6. I wanted the top layer to not be lined up with the bottom so I shifted the pattern around slightly on that one. Once the lines were marked I stuck the swags on top and left them to dry. 
Swags with a button

To cover up the joining of the swags I made some buttons using a mould. I then sprayed this silver and stuck them on top of the joins. 

For the top of the cake I decided to make a large bow. I used my ribbon cutter to make strips of icing with a stitching line down the edges. I then stuck and shaped on the top of the cake. 
Bow with a button

This cake is relatively easy to make but I think the design is very effective and not something I'd normally do. What do you think? 
Finished Cake

Finished Cake

Finished Cake