Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Cakes

I was asked to make a couple of Christmas cakes, lovely rich fruit cakes. I was given free reign with the decoration so I thought I'd make one with poinsetta and one with Christmas roses. I made the fruit cakes in advance so they had plenty of time to mature. I covered them in marzipan and then sugar paste. I tried out some new sugar paste with this cake, I usually use Reinshaws but I thought I'd try Beau and Satin Ice. Both of these are stiffer than Reinshaws and went on to the cake very smoothly. Satin Ice is a marshmallow icing and smells lovely, however, I found that my cake marked really easily and was also very full of air bubbles. Beau went on very well and created a smooth finish. I was very impressed with it and liked the feel and use of it, however, it is much harder to get hold of so I'm currently trying to source it so I can more of a play with it and compare prices. 

Anyway back to the cakes. I made a few Poinsettias for the centre of the cake and then edge it with holly and berries. I trimmed the cake with ribbon and also placed it on an iced board. 

Poinsetia Christmas Cake
For the other cake I made some Christmas Roses with holly leaves. I also piped a message on to the cake. I liked the effect of the cake but decided that it was a little bare. 
Part Finished Cake
With some help from my mum for inspiration I added some piping around the edge and the board. 
Finished Christmas Roses Cake
I was pleased with these cakes and looking forward to making a couple more cakes this year.