Monday, 22 December 2014

Nerf Gun Cake

I was asked to make a birthday cake that would be suitable for a Nerf party. After doing some research I discovered this was a toy gun and I suggested having a cake in the appopriate colours, a model on top and edged with bullets.

They requested a 10" chocolate cake so I made my rich chocolate cake and filled it with chocolate butter icing. I used a different brand of sugar paste for this cake, the Beau sugarpaste, as I'm trying to explore a few different brands. I like this one because it's not as soft as Renshaws and therefore holds it shape better giving cleaner edges. It also gives a smoother finish as I find it doesn't mark so easily. It comes ready coloured so I iced the cake in a nice bright yellow.
Finished Cake
I made "bullets" out of blue and orange paste and stuck these all around the edge of the cake. I then modelled a gun for the top. I based this on a Nerf Rampage and carefully copied it off a photo. It's quite hard converting a 2D picture to 3D as I've never seen on in real life, however, I hope I got the detailing.
Nerf Gun
All that was left was to pipe the message on the cake and prepare it for delivery.

Overall I was quite pleased with the cake and I got some lovely comments about it. It was lovely getting a message from the birthday boy himself (and his parents) and to see a video of him receiving the cake.

Full Cake