Monday, 2 February 2015

Final Christmas Cake of 2014

The final Christmas cake I created this year was for my own family gathering. I made a rich fruit cake, covered it in marzipan and coated it in royal icing. I used several coats spread over several weeks to produce a reasonable covering.

I made up some stringwork icing and piped these along the top edge of the cake. I turned the cake upside down and piped the top edge of the cake in the same way. I piped shell detailing around the bottom edge of the cake.

Finally I made some sugar roses, freesia and leaves and bunch these together for the centre of the cake.
Sugar Roses and Freesias
I was very pleased with how this cake came out. I think it looks beautiful but it's not particularly Christmassy. I'm sure my family won't mind though. This cake would make a beautiful anniversary or celebration cake. The piping is very fragile though so I would like to do too large cake in this design but I do like the stringwork and think it's very effective. 

Finished cake