Thursday, 16 April 2015

I've been dropping hints recently that might be getting some work done in our house, we're still trying to sort out all the details but we're getting there. I thought I'd tell you a little about what we have planned. 

Currently I have a small kitchen for my baking and I do all my decorating in our dining room. I've completely taken over the dining room with all my equipment and it isn't ideal having to go between the two rooms. I've always dreamed of a large kitchen and we bought this house with that in mind. We are going to put a new extension on the rear of the house to create a whole new room for a kitchen. 

Before we decided on size and layout of the kitchen we decided to spray paint it in our garden and have a walk around to see what we thought of it all.
Spray painting the garden
Once we had this we decided to go and get a kitchen designed and priced up at Wickes. This isn't perfect but it gave us a nice idea of what it would look like. The idea is to have a kitchen area and a decorating area which will be carried out on my large island on the right. 
Wickes Design
We have picked the tiles and the style of the kitchen and I'm aiming to go for a country kitchen style. 
Floor tiles
Wall tiles
We're still deciding on wall colours etc to match these tiles.

The other things that we've been deciding on is the appliances. We're going to have to purchase new ovens, as they'll be no gas in the extension, and new fridge etc. We've spent some time picking the new range, which is vital in my kitchen. It's exciting to be getting a brand new room and have everything sparkly and new.

We have just commissioned the architect to do the plans, this will take several weeks. We will submit these for building regs, neighbour checking etc and hopefully won't run into any problems. The next step after that is raising the finances and checking we can afford everything. We're currently aiming for a September start so that it's done by Christmas but I'm secretly hoping we can start a little before this.

Just as a side notice for any worried people out there, this won't effect my cake orders as my kitchen and dining room are self contained on the front of the house. I will be able to fulfil orders throughout the building work process without compromising health and safety or quality.

I'm sure I'll be keeping you all updated as I'm so excited about the whole process. I hope that by Christmas I'll be showing you pictures of the new kitchen.