Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ice cream Cone Cakes

For a little girls birthday I was asked to make this ice cream cone cakes for the party bags. It's not something I'd seen before but after some research I discovered it's a very simple idea and concept. 

Inside each of the cones is a vanilla cupcake, this is actually baked inside the cone as the cone is totally unharmed by the baking process. 
Ice cream cone cakes
Using my standard vanilla cake receipt I filled the cones and baked them. I wasn't sure how much mixture to put in the cones but worked out that around 3/4 full was the right amount to not over flow the cases. 

I made some vanilla butter icing and piped this on the top of the cakes. I then put sprinkles on the cakes and put in chocolate fingers for the flakes. 

I was quite pleased with these cakes and thought they look effective. It was a challenge wrapping each one individually in cellophane but I hope the birthday girl and her guests liked them. 
Close up