Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Changing Bag

I recently completed, finally, my changing bag for our due baby. I started this with my mum months ago and have struggled to complete it due to sickness. Last week I finally got it out and sewed up the last few sections to complete it. 

We followed a changing bag pattern, which unfortunately I don't have the details of but mum might be able to help us with that. First step was to choose the fabric, we went to a fantastic shop called Thread Bear, which is by far my favourite crafty shop around. They have an amazing range of craft fabrics and I'm always spoilt for choice. I really wanted something bright and cheerful as bright colours are much more appealing to babies, so we decided to go for a lovely yellow spotty fabric contrasted by a deeper plainer blue. It took us ages to decide but I'm really happy with the combination we've now got. The bag also had a filling, like a quilt, to pad it out a little so this gives it a lovely thickness to it. It also has a solid plastic base which gives it shape and structure. 

Outside view
2 of the pockets plus the solid base
When choosing the pattern I wanted to go for a bag that had plenty of pockets and was also a good size. The one we went for in the end has 3 inner pockets and 4 outer pockets, 2 handles and also a shoulder strap. I wanted it to shut with a zip also so everything was secure inside. 

The other side, elasticated pocket

Outside end pockets

We followed all the details on the pattern and it seemed fairly easy for my mum to understand, she basically told me what to do and I sewed!! Sometimes it seems like what you're doing is really strange but it all comes together beautifully in the end. All the edges are nicely covered by binding and everything is tucked away. 

I'm really pleased with the end product and have already started packing it, I hope you agree that it's lovely and bright and cheerful. It should be useful as well but that remains to be found out once we have the baby!! 
Final overall view!!