Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How am I now?

I wanted to further update you on news about me and how I'm feeling. As you should already know, I'm 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, due 20th May. 

Last time I wrote about me it was before even the 12 weeks scan and I had been very ill, in and out of hospital a couple of times. Since then I've managed to stay out of hospital and have been feeling a little better, however, not well enough to be able to function normally. I still feel nauseous all the time but have managed not to vomit for a week now, hoping I can keep that up!! I spend most of my time around the flat, tends to be in bed, but try and potter around doing little bits and pieces. I have been able to get out a few times and enjoy some social life but this tends to be a maximum of once a week and needs a preparation and recovery period around it. 

On a positive note the 12 weeks scan was great and showed everything was fine and now we've had the 20 week scan. We now know that we're having a little girl, Amelia Katie, and that she is a perfectly average size. A relief as after being so sick I thought she might be suffering but it would appear not. I've made some new friends who are helping pull me through and I'm now counting down as I've reached the halfway mark. It's unlikely that I'll be well enough to work before I take maternity leave but hopefully I'll improve a little and at least be able to potter around the flat a little more. Amelia is very active and kicks me frequently to remind me she's still there and we're enjoying purchasing lots of girlie bits and pieces for her now. 

It was a delight to meet her at the scan and we now can't wait to meet her in real life. I also can't wait to feel less sick and get baking again for real. I've managed a few bits and pieces with help but not enough and I miss it. Mia and I will be baking from when she's born!! start them early ;-). 

Amelia Katie Manley
So there's the quick update, I hope to manage a few posts over the coming months to keep this blog going but it really depends on what I can manage, but this time next year I expect to be enjoying my crafty Christmas presents and making wonderful creations!!