Monday, 18 February 2013

Some baby items

Recently I've got back to my knitting needles and made a few new creations for our mini Manley. Now I know she's a she then I can make more girlie bits and also some smaller bits for the summer months. The first item I decided to make was a cream hoodie to go with her going home outfit, she doesn't really have any outside coats for the early months so a few cardis will come in handy. 

I chose quite a simple pattern in Double Knit wool, so it's not too thick but warm enough.
The selected pattern.
As always I closely followed the pattern and it was a simple design. I made the 5 pieces required. 
Five pieces made and ready to sew together

A close up of the pattern
 These pieces were then sewn together and I used some wooden effect buttons to complete the look. Overall I'm very pleased with this item and it's been packed in the hospital bag ready to be worn by mini Manley on her way home from hospital. 
Finished hoodie
As well as this hoodie, I have also made a little purple cardi that is meant to go with mini Manley's dresses, again the early size. 
The finished product
Again this is a very simple Sirdar pattern and just requires sewing pieces together once completed. The wool is again double knit and designed so it produces this fair isle effect from just one ball of wool. It looks complicated but this is just a basic stocking stitch. 

 I made a small mistake where the buttonhole is concerned so we improvised, my sister crocheted a little chain that I then sewed in making a button hoop. 

Button hoop, a crocheted chain
Overall I'm very pleased with both cardis and am busy working on the next two. One is pretty much finished but requires my sister's magic hands to finish the flowers, the other I only started today.