Sunday, 21 July 2013

Soda Bread

I decided to do some savoury baking as well this week. Mum has recently given me a new book, Paul Hollywood's How to Bake, so by looking through this I found Soda Bread. It told me that it was easy to make and very quick, it looked straightforward enough so I gave it a shot. 

Place the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda together in a bowl. 
Dry ingredients in a bowl with buttermilk on top. 
Add the buttermilk and mix it all together to form a dough. I found this bit quite challenging as it didn't really want to combine, so there was a lot of mixing going on. Eventually I got a ball. This was flattened and then placed on a baking tray and cooked for 30 minutes. 
Bread in the oven
After 30 minutes I lifted it off the tray and checked it, it sounded hollow so I thought it was cooked. However when it came to cutting it up I found the centre wasn't cooked so it could have done with longer. 
Final product
The verdict: Whilst this bread was very quick to make, it didn't use standard ingredients in my cupboard, I don't have buttermilk to hand, so it was a hassle buying the ingredients. It also didn't taste like "normal" bread and I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. It's not something I would try again, it was ok but just not quite right. I give it 6/10.