Saturday, 4 April 2015

Flower topped cake

For one of my display wedding cakes I decided to have a go at something I'd been wanting to do for ages, a cake topped with large flowers. 
Finished Cake
For this cake I made a large peony, some English roses, Heritage roses, Freesias and filler flowers. These were all wired flowers and taped together through a posy in the centre. I decided to stick with mainly purples and pinks for the cake so it created a neutral look with hints of colour. 
Flowers on Top
At the bottom of the cake I put a little Heritage flower to balance out the bunch at the top.
Flowers on Top
I was pleased with how this cake looked and it's one of my favourites to date. I would still like to experiment with the flower arrangement at the top of the cake but I think this works very well.
Flowers on Top
For this cake I also decided to try using a different backdrop. I found some wallpaper and placed this behind the cake. I think the balance works really well and suits the cake very well. What do you think? 

If you like this or any other cakes in my collection and require a cake, for any occasion, please get in touch.